Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I have finally done it...

I have finally done it. After months of soul-searching, rationalizing and deploying all other tactics we humans typically do when we don't want  to take a decision, I have finally done it. Taken the decision to leave ThoughtWorks. My fellow ThoughtWorkers will know why this took me months and why it's perhaps one of the toughest decisions I have ever taken...

But this post is for those who don't know ThoughtWorks. On the surface, it's a software development and consultancy firm, best known for bringing Agile to the world of s/w development. But that's only the surface. Under it, it's one of the most humane and ethical organization I have known. It's an organization where social and economic justice are not espoused as a mere formality...It's an organization driven by a desire to do right--right by its clients, right by its employees, and right by the world. I am proud to have been a part of it. A part of me I guess will always remain a ThoughtWorker.

Why did I leave you may be wondering...I had to move back to Mumbai where my family is. After years of being a weekend mom and wife, I did some soul-searching and retrospection. And I think the values instilled by TW helped. I realized I had to come back and balance out my work life and home life.

So here I am...back in Mumbai ready for a new start. I guess the prospect of looking out for a job feels a bit daunting at this point, especially after TW. Ready to start all over...Wish me luck!
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