Saturday, June 13, 2009

Education v. Training: My response

bozarthzone: Education v. Training

I like one of the comments to this post which says, "Maybe it's time we stop thinking about training and education as two ends of a heirarchy and begin to think of them as equally valid parts of a nonlinear process called "learning"."

I think so too. Training is outward performance focussed with measurable outcome and immediate applicability.

Training programs are typically created for some or all of the following "well-known" reasons:(using some typical corporate training needs analysis jargon here)

My top five reasons as to why corporate organizations invest in training programs:

1. To bridge performance gap
2. To achieve business goal
3. To maintain a competitive edge
4. To retain and grow inhouse talent (cheaper in recessionary times than hiring experts)
5. Sometimes, to be seen as an organization that focuses on its people

Most often, the reasons for creating/implementing training programs are a blend of all the points above in varying degrees of proportion.

In my next post, I will attempt to put down the attributes of a training program vs. education (learning).

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