Saturday, June 6, 2009

Informal Learning: People can train you but they can't "learn" you...

As always, Jay Cross gets his points across in a langugae all can understand, identify with, apply.

Some key points:

Informal learning vs. formal learning

1. Informal learning is never over. Its going on all the time.
2. Formal learning has a fixed goal, syllabus and usually ends with some recognition. You know when its over.
3. More than 80% of learning in the workplace is informal learning.
4. Social networks are vital to informal learning.
5. The most powerful educational technology ever invented is human conversation.
6. Social networks are bringing people together; that's why learning takes place.

Organizations and Informal Learning:

1. Four to five times more learning happens in informal training within organizations when compared to formal training.
2. Some steps to take: Legitimizing conversations, make it easy to find one another, read blogs, receive RSS feeds, connect
3. Change the layout of organizations--from individualized cubicles to open sofas where people can gather and talk

The web can bring more experienced and knowledgeable people to contribute and share their knowledge with the youngsters.
The web can bridge and help to transfer the knowledge from the Baby boomers gen (who may soon be retiring from the workforce and take away a tremendous amount of knowhow with them) to the Gamers gen.

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