Wednesday, February 17, 2010

eLearning Learning Featured!

I subscribe to eLearning Learning feeds because of the quality of the posts that it brings together.

A few days back, when I received the feeds in my mailbox and scrolled down to read, I saw my post there. Taken aback, I told myself, “Naa, some mistake!” And went right back to work.

When my next post appeared in the next day’s feed, I decided to explore a bit. I dropped a mail to Tony Karrer.  He must have been amused, and I am probably the first person who doesn’t know when she is being featured.

I was overjoyed and also humbled and definitely feel motivated to write more often and more thoughtfully.

eLearning learning, to me, has always meant insightful, thought-provoking writing on not only elearning but learning in general—learning in today’s networked world, learning through collaboration, learning about learning.

I hope to do justice to my passion for learning and to the readers of my blog…


  1. Congrats Sahana. Didn't understand what "feature" meant. Now realize that it is a recognition of network power from a strong voice.


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