Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happiness is what it takes to make learning happen...

I am in the process of transferring my currently scattered bits and pieces of writing from all over the web to my blog. Have been meaning to do so for a long time but somehow never got around to it...

Here's the first one...

I was going through the net when I came across this presentation on Happiness as a Business Model.

While not directly linked to training, it talks about Happiness being the prime factor that leads an individual's engagement with anything--be it business or learning. Creating this happiness as an experience should then be the primary goal if we are to hook learners or customers.

Slide 81 talks about the pillars of Happiness. These can be attributes of training programs as well and such training programs would be the ones most likely to lead to a change in behavior.

Can we create the experience of Flow? ...Refer to slide 129.

Classic question we typically ask as a part of the learner analysis exercise:
1. Who are the learners?
2. What are their demographics and psychographics?

What should we ask instead:

1. What do the learners have to do to be successful?
2. What will improve their status in their organization?
3. What will this training make people better at?
4. What are the learners passionate about?

One way to motivate learners and impact the bottom line of an organization through training is to show how each individual can succeed.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this...

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